The BA team are those madcaps who need it all, there’s no place for ignorance, but plenty of it for improving your skills. I heard of Beetroot Academy from friends, who graduated the courses and got jobs in IT. I’ve been planning to change the field for a while, and I was interested in programming, so I decided to give it a try.


I’m passionate about solving hard algorithmic problems and writing clear and understandable code. It is a joy for me to solve a problem, which looked like unsolvable at the first moment. My main language is C++, but I also like to use Python for quick prototyping and data visualization. For me, it is more important to solve the problem rather than language I used for that.

Computer science – Learn coding and programming online! If you ever wanted to learn python, java online – or even take mobile development courses, now is your chance.

The length of the courses is just about right to get basic knowledge, which can be used for commercial work. And the pleasant atmosphere really inspires to dive deep into the world of web development.

Has a belief that every person making the effort for pursuing the goal achieves it. Young and caring about people, he is good with kids and and helps them to realize their best skills during the training by making the education effective and interesting for everyone. edX’s online courses are taught by experts from the world’s top universities and institutions. Enrich your education with online college courses from Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Microsoft, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Wharton, Oxford, and more.

Онлайн курси викладання і навчання

Rest Assured APIs are Java domain specific language APIs for automating REST APIs. With Postman and Java, REST Assured APIs are able to invoke REST web services and match responses for testing. The trainer курси програмування is quite experienced in this topic and can provide suggestions regarding data science project specific practices. It was resulted by granting of US Family Patents for perspective technology.

Before I joined beetroot Academy, I had been self-taught, and I thought the Internet has nearly everything to become a Front-End developer from the get-go. It is important that the learning material within the course is well-structured. It is a step-by-step education, and I think it is fair to try at least one online course in your field of interest before going to Beetroot Academy.

With over 2000 online courses, we can help you gain the knowledge and skills you’re looking for! Learn new skills and earn course certifications in your very own online classroom. Enrich your knowledge in relevant topics such as Global Pandemics, Public Health, and Economic Trends. Join free online classes for high-demand professions like Computer Science and Digital Marketing.

She gives you a general picture with accents on key moments, and also pays attention to nuances. You can also solve any problem with coordinator Violetta. I got a pleasant impression and the result I was expecting from the course. The level of proficiency gives you confidence when talking to a potential employer, and I did it when I was still studying, so that means the Academy is rated highly amongst employers.

In early 2018, School++ joined the Ukrainian network of free programming clubs CodeClub for students. During October 2012 – May 2015, 9 groups took a course in School++ of web development and mobile application development, each group consisted of 5–15 students aged 18 to 45. The ninth group was the last one that paid for studying in School++. In July 2014, the founders of School++ rented a new space on the Inhul waterfront. In February 2015, the premises were renovated with the funding of Roman Shmelev.

Try our courses for free now and improve your education. edX offers courses in English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and French.

Programming School++ – abbreviated “School++” – (укр. Школа програмування Ш++ ) is a free, non-formal education institution founded in 2012 in Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine. Science & Engineering – Top online courses in biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, and various engineering courses курси програмування including robotics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and more. Math – from high school to college-level math courses, master calculus, statistics, and algebra. Team is the most valuable thing for me at BA, it supports and helps despite us all being in different cities.

There’s a high level of organisation in the Academy. Our teacher Kateryna presents information in a very comprehensive and structured way.

In my free time I travel, meet my friends, play computer games, and do puzzles. But more than anything I love learning something new. Skills Testing Event is organized in partnership of IT Education Academy and Upwork. Show off your skills and get your Web or Mobile development expertise tested to gain access to exclusive Premium jobs and the Top clients on Upwork.

I am also the co-founder of Bmple IT-startup and pop core’n clothing brand. All the positions were called “HTML-coder” back then. You could practically become an IT specialist after a 2-month html & css course without much effort. I’ve enjoyed building and constructing things since I was a kid. Now my job is related to designing complex user interfaces, so pretty much nothing has changed.

Roman Shmelev, a developer, has been teaching programming on a volunteer basis to students in Kirovohrad (now Kropyvnytskyi) ever since 2011 using his own educational program. I’m a bachelor in Applied Math and now pursuing my master’s degree in the same field. Now I’m looking for a great team to join and work there. For me, it is important to be really interested in the project, push commits with love and work with teammates that can share their experience and knowledge.

Learn AI online, big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, network security, information technology, game design and more. Take CS50 from Harvard, study UX, or enroll in Microsoft courses to learn databases courses, Excel, Azure, and more. It is never too late to learn new skills – search our java courses, python courses, web courses, cybersecurity courses, AI courses and more. Looking for computer science courses to learn new skills on how to code for mobile development in programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, and R programming.

From 19th of February, 2015 SimCorp Ukraine starts an Educational Course for the students and specialists who consider their future in software development. If you want to open the doors of the IT world for yourself, I highly recommend Beetroot Academy courses. The teacher is a practician from the field, who can tell what is demanded and how it is supposed to be done in our particular time.

I am in love with both the process and the results. There’s always time for jokes and humor in my lessons. I give real-life examples and share technologies and languages used in Front-End.

In 2018 coordinator and co-founder of School++ Roman Shmelev was awarded The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Prize for special achievements of youth in the development of Ukraine. At the first stage, students learn the basics of programming and computer science under the program of CS106a course from Stanford University. Likes coding in Python for solving different tasks, and the more complex and interesting the task, the better. Involved in sports, fond of photography, loves traveling.

This will be a great basis for studying, and will make it easier for you to enter the new environment. I used to work for CamoIT, Geeksforless, and as a freelancer. Now I work at OCW and teach at Beetroot Academy.

Expand your horizons by taking a C programming or C++ course, or an R programming course to help you learn data science. Learn курси програмування computer programming with beginner and advanced courses in Python, C++, C#, Java, R programming, JavaScript, Hadoop, etc.

курси програмування

Successful completion of relevant educational program with subsequent knowledge level attestation. In the spring of 2017, in partnership with the BrainBasket Foundation as part of the Technology Nation Kids Program, volunteers began to teach School++ students aged 8 to 11.

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